Scared of the Dark by Caroline Thornton – Children’s Book – Review

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Scared of the Dark Review

I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Review done my son Azrael Hiler – Age 6

I thought that it helped kids
and let them know that nobody
has to be afraid of the dark because
there’s no monsters that live
on earth. I think that monsters,
or aliens, don’t belong here.
I think the book is really colorful.
I think it was a pretty book.
I like rhyming because it’s kind
of cool to me. And I think that
the book was a pretty awesome book
and that other kids will like it.

I think that bats, and noise, like
banging on the floor is scary.
I think that book is really cool.

I think that big kids might not like
it, but I think that they would
really get into it and like it in
the end. I think that if big kids
dreamed about it they might be scared.

I think that younger kids would really
like this book because it might help
them not be scared. Although the book
might scare them.

I recommend 5 stars! The End.

Dylan Review –

Caroline T writes a memorable and
fun children’s book in the spirit
of Dr. Seuss. I’m a sucker for
rhyming books and the good Doctor.

There were a couple of words that 7
and below may not fully understand
but it’s okay because I would recommend
this book be read aloud not alone.
In my opinion almost all rhyming books
should be read aloud.

The pictures were a little unimaginative, but
they captured my 6 year olds interest
so who am I to judge?

Azrael is the one who matters here and
he loved it! I would highly recommend it.