Review of Hokey Pokey Pirates by Peyton King (Guest Starring Azrael Hiler)

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I was provided a free copy of Hokey Pokey Pirates in exchange for my honest opinion.  This will be a (mostly) spoiler free review.  Please find more about Peyton King’s work here.

As you may know my six year old son reviews children’s books.  He had a glowing review for Hokey Pokey Pirates by Peyton King!

Azrael’s Review

The book was fun and I didn’t know that there were coloring pages!  I’m going to use my imagination and pretend that I’m riding on the pirate ship.  I have a cousin named Lexie like in the book I enjoyed that.  Lexie in the book is bossy.  The Hokey Pokey is a fun dance, Lexie and Charlie taught the pirates how to do it.  I think when the kids grow up the pirates will still know the song the way that they knew it from their grandma.  The pictures were pretty cool.  I would give it 5 stars!

Dylan’s Review

I like letting my 6 year old son review the children’s books, after all he’s the target audience.  Azrael was engaged in this book, which is pretty rare amongst the children books that don’t rhyme.  He liked the concept of pirates and actively did the Hokey Pokey with the characters.  I don’t think he grasped the wider meaning of the book, reminscince and values passed down, but that’s okay.  The only real quip I had was the pictures didn’t match the narrative.  There was a scene talking about pirate peg legs, parrots, and swords that didn’t show in the book at all.  Otherwise, good work by Peyton King.