Offering a giveaway!


Hey there some of my favorite people (others are yet to be).  Now that things are up and running I would like to offer a giveaway to my 50th subscriber and the person who brings me to my hundredth ‘like’!  Get your friends, family, and co-workers together to check out a new author and I’ll make it worth someones while.  A signed copy of The Apostle: Destiny shipped to you anywhere in the continental U.S.

As an author just breaching the market word of mouth is the best way to get someone to check out what you’ve released.  With so many (incredibly talented) authors out there just waiting for their big break and for family and friends to give them a chance its an extremely tough gig.  If you’re an independent author yourself, or aspiring to be one, I’d be happy to read your book and offer some constructive feedback!  I ask that anyone willing to check mine out and write a review do the same.

Focusing on my writing is a big step for my family and I, with all of the health issues that have happened its one of the only ways I can continually support my family.  That isn’t an emotional plea by any means, no, I’m not a ‘poor me’ type of person.  I think that you have to earn your way through this world and try really hard to accomplish your goals and dreams.  Fortunately I think I put out a pretty darn good product, at first I was a little nervous but after seeing the outreach of support and great reviews I’m fairly confident that the material is carrying itself, something that as an author is exciting to see.

I believe in grassroots and I also believe in sponsorship, what’s most important is that you are able to pay it forward.  If you’ve seen some success help another, if you haven’t and are still waiting for your big break, still help another.  It’s important to get involved with your community, important to get involved with subjects and events that you’re unfamiliar with, It’s important that you keep your mind open enough to experience new things.  At least in my (oh so humble) opinion.

Remember, a bottle of Jack Daniels cost’s $23 and affects you for a week.  A book costs $10 and may very well affect you for life!

All the best.