Jim Stempel hits home the tragedy and perseverance of war

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Jim Stempel offered me the opportunity to read Windmill Point, a historical fiction, and I knew that I wasn’t going to be the right fit for it.  However I have a good friend named Eric who will be helping me co-review books that aren’t in my genre or that I’m behind on (which are plenty) who reviewed his work.  He really enjoyed it and had this to say –

I am not usually a historical fiction writer, but once I was into Jim Stempel’s “Windmill Point” it was a great read.

Jim did a wonderful job of showing the human side of the Civil War while also showing the horror that is involved in war. The strategic and psychological warfare was brilliantly shown by Stempel.  Men, and sometimes boys, knew they would die, but kept fighting for their greater good and how Stempel showed the courage of these men in the face of death was well written.

He really brought out the personalities of the war’s combatants while showing their strength and determination under ruthless conditions. I recommended this book to anyone who would like to see the inner workings of a pivotal time in our country.

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