General Information

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A lot of people ask me why I have decided to review books as a hobby.  There are several reasons-

  1. A lot of lesser known authors are excellent writers that deserve to be heard.
  2. I enjoy reading and it takes me away from electronic distractions.  I’ve had way too many Netflix marathons and not nearly enough reading marathons.
  3. It helps me refine my own style of writing by recognizing what other people and stories do excellently, and what others do…not so excellently.

Amongst some others, but those three are really key.  I am described by my peers as being objective minded and fair.  As an author myself I want to know what I could have done better so my future projects are always improving.  I also recognize the importance of constructive criticism vs destructive criticism and have tried hard to incorporate the constructive way of thinking into my life and reviews.

If I feel that a project, be it a graphic novel, short story, novel, poem collection, etc…is not ready for the world, I will not rate it.  Instead I will give it back to the writer with advice that I hope is sound and let them refine it until I can fairly grade it.

I do not do review for review either, I think that it sets up a precedent that whatever score I am given, or give out will be reciprocated and I think that it’s unfair.  That being said, if you would like to review my novel The Apostle: Destiny and can promise to be a professional I’ll happily let you.

Please click on the links to see my review for the novel as well as information on the author.  I fully encourage supporting authors so you will also see a link where you can purchase their work.