Another Excellent Review for The Apostle: Destiny

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Thank you Jody Mabry! Find more of his work here.

I have to say I was riveted pretty much from the beginning of the Apostle. I also have to say, the story was unexpected, and not your typical Sci-Fi novel. I am a fan of both Sci-Fi and fantasy, have read dozens of novels in both genres and still haven’t quite grasped which this would fit in, although I’d lean more toward fantasy.
The Apostle is a character and plot driven story focused in a world both familiar to modern man, yet with old world themes. The story is focused on the family of Sath and Elle, who have been cursed by the witch Famora who condemns them to the responsibility of Fairwillow’s destined doom. Their child has been decreed the ominous title of the Apostle, who is prophesized to destroy everything Fairwillow knows. However, Sath has other plans.
I was impressed by Hiler’s characters and being able to drive the story with them. It’s a difficult task for most writers. Good voice is the strength of the book. I felt involved and interested in the characters’ lives, and in many ways felt as if I was there with them.
I’ll give this book four stars, and for several reasons.
• Unique plot
• Excellent characters and storytelling
• Taking a different approach to science fiction and fantasy
To some of the other comments on here, who think the ending was a disappointment. However, for most people who are fans of series books, like this, there is the resolution of story lines, and there are storylines that must continue and be left open, even if some of the characters think they are closed. To me Hiler did a nice job staying true to both.