The 13th Paragon by C.A. Bryers Review


The Odyssium World Opens With a Strong Action Adventure Tale!

I received a free copy of The 13th Paragon Part 1 Scrapper in exchange for an unbiased review.

This review will be mostly spoiler free – C.A. Bryers introduced us to a believable sea-faring post-post-apocalyptic world. I got the sense that Odyssium was once a technological marvel of mankind that was reduced to ashes. This isn’t where the story starts though, the story starts generations later when mankind has pulled themselves back together. Mostly. I enjoyed the way that the author peppered history into the novel without bogging the narrative down in it. Sometimes the history was subtle and other times it was blatant but it was never in the way.

Bryers also introduces several likable characters on what I would consider an engaging action/adventure story. There are several scenes of action that are well written that drive the narrative forward. He knew when to slow it down though and let the reader breathe again. A majority of the novel follows the character Salla Saar the captain of the Mayla Rose which is essentially a scavenger. An…active scavenger. Salla is an interesting character that is fun to follow. He isn’t your typical action hero but he does reflect courage in unique ways. His crew was also fun and playful in a believable way. Each member of the Mayla Rose made you want to learn more about them.

Wanting to learn more about them was one of the few issues I had with the novel. The characters, although written well, were one-dimensional. The feisty woman, the big best friend, the mysterious stranger, etc… It didn’t detract from the story, but Bryers did such a great job of building his world I hoped he would have found more time to develop his characters. About 3/4’s of the way through the book the most interesting characters fade away. It makes sense as you read it, but was disappointing to see them pushed away. I imagine they’ll be back for the sequel though.

The only other major issue I had with the novel was the antagonist(s). Their motivations never went further than we’re evil/mad for the sake of being evil/mad. It also seems that the world is quite ignorant to the massive amount of resources that have to be being used toward their shadowy organization. We see this in movies and other novels frequently, especially action/adventure, but I would have liked to see more dynamism in regards to the bad guys.

Overall I enjoyed the novel and look forward to reading the second in the series!

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