This Technology Could Save Your Life! – Techno Tuesday


This Technology Could Save Your Life! – Techno Tuesday

Well, maybe that’s stretching things a bit.  I suppose it’s probably more accurate to say that this technology could theoretically save your life.  We’ve got a lot of really cool things happening in the world of science right now.


A lot of new developments especially in the world of physics, particularly quantum and particle physics.  There have been so many discoveries that’s its almost impossible to keep up with.  Myself, being a layman, and not a physicist do the best I can to read about it, although I don’t understand most of it.  All I know, is that it sounds awesome!



I mean come on, how awesome is that?  To find out more about what they’re doing check out this article here

As far as technology that could save your life…theoretically…I’m interested in what new, upcoming, or theoretical (using that word a lot today) technology that you can’t wait for.  Personally, if I could have any one piece of technology for myself or mass produced for the world, it would be a teleportation device.

download (1)

No more driving or flying, go wherever whenever you want.  Would it be abused, most certainly, but isn’t every other piece of technology?  Imagine, you wake up, you’re going to be late, *ploop* (I assume that’s the sound of a teleporter), you’re at work.


After work it’s rush hour *ploop* not no more, bitches.


Don’t you wish you could visit your Great Aunt Ethel in Florida? *ploop* I’d love a piece of your pie now Aunt Ethel.


I just want to go on vacation this weekend *ploop* now I’m in Belize.


Although that blue hole is terrifying.  I have no idea what’s in there.


If I saw that thing though…*ploop*

What technology do you want or are looking forward to?  Tell me in the Comments below!

Happy Tuesday!