These Veteran’s Day Jokes Are Sure To Make You Smile – Wednesday Wit

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Veteran’s day is where we honor the Veteran’s of our country. Duh. They deserve the respect that they get too. They have done a lot for our country and have carried a huge burden for the people and politicians of our nation. Even if they didn’t agree with the politics behind it their sense of loyalty and duty to the people of the United States outweighed those concerns. They did their best to ensure our liberties and represent us in a positive way. Though our country receives a lot of flak for ‘policing the world’ we also get a lot of praise and support for assisting countries in need. So politics aside, here are some Veteran’s day photo’s to make you feel better. Support your veteran’s, shake their hand, thank them for their service!

Here is a list of every American War (or wars that we have participated in) ever.  Give it a look over and see all that our Veteran’s have accomplished.  Click Here!

Here is a focus on the 10 deadliest wars in American history.

American Revolutionary War – 1775-1783

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War of 1812 – ???

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Indian Wars – 1775-1891

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Mexican American War – 1846-1848

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Civil War – 1861-1865

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World War I – 1917-1918

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World War II – 1941-1945

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Korean War – 1950-1953

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Vietnam War – 1965-1973

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Iraq War – 2003-Present

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Well that’s it, I hope you had a few laughs.  Seriously, thank a soldier, we have one helluva country.


Have a great Wednesday and Veteran’s Day!