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Joanna Bardsley’s The Memory of Blue Sky is a Successful Undertaking of a ‘Close-apocalyptic’ World

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The Memory of Blue SkyThe Memory of Blue Sky by J.M. Bardsley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Memory of Blue Sky

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Spoiler-Free – Bardsley’s The Memory of Blue Sky is a gigantic undertaking. Setting up a ‘close-apocalyptic’ world requires a great amount of detail and creativity. Thankfully Bardsley had this in droves. The Earth is in a bad way and author-ess Bardsley manages to keep the story relevant to its setting while maintaining a sense of nostalgia from a better time. The novel is a Science Fantasy that has elements of romance organically weaved in. The core cast of characters are well developed and human. They have flaws, fears, goals, and strengths that are realistic and engaging.

For those familiar with the series Final Fantasy this could be an epic chapter in its creative universe. The Memory of Blue Sky is by no means a fan fiction and is original content. I could not help but draw parallels between Bardsley’s world and Final Fantasy’s, in the best of ways.

The novel length can be intimidating to the average reader but Bardsley does a good job keeping the reader engaged and wanting to move forward. That said, with the incredible attention to detail on the world and the core cast’s interactions with it the ending did feel a bit rushed. If this series were to continue it would seem more complete, but it kind of comes to a screeching halt. If Bardsley would have peppered elements of the end throughout the second half of the story a little more it would have increased the amount of tension.

I am a firm believer that it is an author’s job to tell a story, it is an editor’s job to fix it. The Memory of Blue Sky was in need of a once or twice over from a professional editor. It is a HUGE undertaking and needed more time with a critical eye. I usually don’t like to pick on editing issues but they were noticeable. However the tale itself was well done and that is what matters more. Those that are a fan of Science Fantasy will eat this novel up. It will be a more difficult read for those not familiar with non-modern fiction. The world is created from scratch and those looking for a more ‘pure earth’ setting will be found scratching their heads on occasion.

I enjoyed The Memory of Blue Sky and with a critical round of editing it would get five stars!

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