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Eating This Will Make You Live Longer! – Savory Sunday

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Eating This Will Make You Live Longer – Savory Sunday

Okay, so it won’t.  But you clicked the link didn’t you?  Still the day after Halloween generally comes accompanied by a hangover.  Sugar or otherwise.  There is only one good way to cure a hangover…I think.

I could try and make up the best recipe’s out there but someone already did it for me.  Check out the Web’s Best Recipe’s With Bacon by Mike Newman featured on Cool Material.


Mike Newman of

Halloween Earth Porn! – Saturday Serenity

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So it’s Serenity Saturday, but it’s also Halloween. It’s a great time to celebrate the end of a week and relax, but it’s also a great time to celebrate a tremendously fun holiday. I wasn’t sure which direction to go since I’ve already posted a couple of Halloween things. So today, we’ll be going back and forth from the best Halloween creatures to some of the most serene pictures of Earth. Why not?



Who lives in beautiful Transylvania, Romania


Frankenstein’s Monster


Victor Von Frankenstein got his training in Alchemy at the University of Ingolstadt in beautiful Bavaria




Werewolf Mythology stems all over Earth from England, to China, to Haiti, to Greece, etc…




A product of H.P. Lovecrafts mind and comes from another dimension




I personally think that Leprechauns should be cute tricksters, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for Gorgeous Ireland.



These are some of the more mainstream monsters and typically from an Anglo-Saxon origin.  There are so many monsters throughout the world though, and so many beautiful locales that I could spend all day on Halloween Earth Porn.

Tell me in the Comments below what some of your favorite creatures are and where they come from!

Happy Saturday Serenity and Happy Halloween!

These 10 Halloween Movies Will Blow Your Mind! – Thursday Thriller

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Welcome back to Thursday Thriller. Now that Halloween is around the corner I thought I would treat you to some of the best Halloween Top 10’s (according to other people).

Starting with MOVIES!

The Shining

Top Ten (Bonus: Pages!) of Horror Movies According to Rotten Tomatoes.  They know what they’re talking about right?


Here are the Top Ten Horror Books according to The Nerdist.  Whom I trust.

Side Note:  The featured book supporting the link, is not, one of them.  It’s probably good though.


These are (Bonus!) 70 of the most terrifying costumes in our past.  Featured by  If they think you should know it…you probably should.

So we’ve checked out Movies, Books, and Costumes?  What’s left for Halloween?




Hell yeah I said Candy!


Chill out baby Neo.  Here (and every other word and or picture related to candy) is a link provided by USA Today on the top (Bonus!) 50 Candies ever made.

So now you can watch the Number One movie, read the Number One book, wear the Number One costume (so…creepy), and eat the Number One Candy.

Is the general populace wrong?  Tell me in the Comments below what your favorite films, books, costumes, and candy of all time is!

Happy Halloween!

Bonus!  For the Beer Drinkers