Saturday Serenity


Saturday Serenity
It’s time for a little peace and quiet. So I welcome you to Saturday Serenity. No I’m not referencing this excellent series-

Though I must admit, that series is ALWAYS worth talking about.
Instead we are trying to escape from the business of the week. The Monday thru Friday battle that every one of us go through. I’ve worked several jobs in my lifetime that varied greatly in scheduling, and even if I worked Thursday thru Monday there was something to look forward to on my ‘weekend’.

Whether or not you’re gainfully employed, unemployed, self-employed or somewhere in between the day to day stressors add up and it’s important (not to mention healthy) to give yourself some time to relax.

Being a parent, a husband, having a business from home, and writing takes up a lot of my time and I consider myself pretty lucky. Some people out there have so much planned in their days at any given moment that they literally have no down time for themselves. Usually those people aren’t enjoying the things that they’re doing, and they’re usually not the happiest person at the party. Always worrying about what comes next.


Don’t be that person.  The better you take care of yourself the better you can take care of others.  Believe it or not YOUR HAPPINESS MATTERS TOO.

It’s not time to lecture though, it’s time to lay back and take a deep breath.  Tell me in the Comments below what some of your favorite relaxers are.

Here’s a serene poem –

Serene by: Shantaya

On Saturday
The stress fades
I’m one with myself
Well at ease, home free
Propped up on the couch watching TV
Yogi, Bugs, Daffy, my well-known comrades
We meet again, put on a show friends