One of my favorite monologues from The Apostle: Destiny


This was a response from Fairwillow’s economist Griswold to their Ambassador (think mayor) Genario of the town.  It has to do with the King of the region requesting his advice at a noble get together.

“I’m no politician, Genario, and I have no desire to watch the hens squabble. I watch the markets, the rise and fall of prices and the availability of product, supply and demand, imports and exports. I make trades with the likes of Wraithguard. The concerns of the Red Kingdom outside of our fair city doesn’t matter none to me. King Mavian is good natured and fair enough but some of the people he puts in charge are dumber than the mules that drag around their wares. They must thank the Gods daily for the blue blooded blessings they have received. At least you were elected into position, Genario, the rest of these fools were just given the reigns and cried ‘yee-haw’.” Griswold shifted in the seat to make the bumpy travel more comfortable and closed his eyes to try sleeping the time away.

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