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The Apostle: Destiny is Dylan’s first published novel.  Released in Spring of 2014 it has received a lot of positive reviews and has started to generate some good buzz.  Part one of a trilogy and the beginning of The Tarthurian Chronicles The Apostle: Destiny is an introduction to the world of Tarthuria, the Polytheistic Religion that permeates through society, and a sample of the personal and political conflicts in peoples everyday lives.

Dylan started the novel back in the Winter of 2008 and got about halfway through the novel and gave a copy to one of his close friends to read through.  His friend told him that he needed to spend some more time developing characters so Dylan scrapped the entire project and tried again.  Unfortunately self-consciousness and fear was a real issue for him at first and even after scrapping the old project and starting anew Dylan didn’t get very far.  Too focused on grammar, re-reading, editing, grammar, re-reading, editing he managed to write a whole two chapters before he was too frustrated to continue the project and put it away for an entire year.

He was inspired by something Stephen King said on a radio interview that was an epiphany for him as an author, it is one of the most important things he’s heard as a writer and it is some of the only advice that he hopes all other aspiring writers listen to.  Mr. King told the interviewer “It is the authors job to tell a story, it is an editors job to correct the grammar.” Such simple words but they dug their way into Dylan’s heart and mind and he started to write again.  Accomplishing the novel in about 6 months (pre-editing) he just powered through it without editing his work from start to finish.  Using his fiance at the time as a test subject every time he completed a chapter he would read it aloud to her to check for flow and any major errors.  Once the novel was complete he went back and did a full edit, and then went ahead and shipped it off to an actual editor.  Unfortunately for the world of writing, the editor could have probably shipped it to another editor who could have shipped it to another editor.  Remember, as an author, your job is to tell a story.  If the reader connects with a character, often times they will forgive a misplaced comma.

Below are some of the reviews that The Apostle: Destiny has received.

“Most of the book is spent introducing you to a particular family and they strife they had to go through to correct what a witch has put asunder. The characters were very well developed and the author did a great job of getting the reader in head’s of all the main characters. You felt like you were there with them most of the time making their decisions. The one exception was the father. He is a man of intrigue until the very end. He and his friends and the hints of espionage and intrigue keep you guessing about their intents and character. You are just never quite sure what it is that he and they are up to at any given time. This keeps the suspense level up and the reader engaged until the end.” -Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo

“Will the prophecy come true? Will Famora win? When the final scenes are played you won’t believe what Mercy does. A ending quite unexpected and powerful and one ten year old girl that just wants her father in her life, a younger brother who yields to everyone and a man who wanted to stop what one person predicted. What is Sath’s fate? Lies, deceits betrays and a prophecy that one man wants to stop and one witch will make sure he does not. The fate of everyone lies in one small object. An ending that is explosive and final scenes you won’t expect as one man’s life and one young teens life both hang in the balance.” -Fran Lewis

“It was a very original fantasy story in the sense that it didn’t include all the stereotypical elves and dwarves, dragons and goblins, princesses and heroes, and all the other elements that are all too common in this genre. The characters were surprisingly relatable, in fact, I found myself emotionally attached to a few of them. The setting has an appeal, as it is a more simple world than our own, yet the characters were surprisingly realistic. The story has an overall dark tone, which I personally liked, yet there was always a glimmer of hope, and many underlying postive messages and lessons throughout. There is something for adults and adolescents alike.” -Philip Courtney (Goodreads)

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