Interview with Josh Brown

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Josh Brown is an Author, Poet, Writer, and Overall Good Guy.  He has a HUGE resume and a lot of work out there for people to follow and enjoy.  Josh agreed to interview with me after I reviewed a book he collaborated on King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology.  In fact, his story in there was one of my favorites.  You can read the review here. 

Please enjoy this video in which Josh and I discuss the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

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    Full Name: Josh Brown

Projects You’re Currently Promoting:

Shamrock  $ free to read online
Lovecraft After Dark (“Flame of Cthulhu”)  $2.99 (kindle version)
Zen of the Dead (“The Tragedy of Dracula’s Daughter”)  $9.95 (paperback)
King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology  $2.99 (kindle)


Projects Available to the Public:

Short Stories-      
“Republic of Masks”, Dystopian Express, Hydra Publications, forthcoming forthcoming
“The View From the Attic”, Toys in the Attic: A Collection of Evil Playthings, JWK Fiction, 2015
“Binaurals”, The Martian Wave 2015, Nomadic Delirium Press, 2015
“Pirate King”, King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology, Uffda Press, 2015
Samurai: Cherry Blossoms Fall, Uffda Press, 2015 (with Alex Ness)
“The Ancient Future”, Catastrophic Discoveries: Children of Cthulhu, Uffda Press 2015
“Frozen Flame”, Hunt the Winterlands, 2011
“Arthur no Shi”, Arthur Rex Eternus, 2011
“Loyalties”, Empire of Stone, 2013
Eye of the Dagger (with Alex Ness and Marc N. Kleinhenz), 2011



“Flame of Cthulhu” (Lovecraft After Dark), JWK Fiction, 2015
“The Tragedy of Dracula’s Daughter” (Zen of the Dead), Popcorn Press, 2015
“Goblin Gardener“ (Pixies of Eglantine, Issue 3, Summer Solstice 2015)
“MacGuyver” (Poetry Quarterly, Summer 2015)
“American Hero” (Aberration Labyrinth, Issue #016 (Summer 2015))
“Saved by the Bell” (Aberration Labyrinth, Issue #016 (Summer 2015))
“Red Owl” (Aberration Labyrinth, Issue #016 (Summer 2015))
“Once a Great Warrior” (Abandoned Towers Magazine), 2009
Fanboy Haiku: Volume 1, 2011



Comics- (writer only)  
Shamrock (ongoing)
Shamrock: Origins
“The Pageant”, Horrific Tales Anthology #2, Midnight Horizon Comics, 2010
“Deal with the Devil”, IF-X #8, Hamtramck Idea Men, 2009
“Wolfsbane: Prologue”, IF-X #10 (Vol. 2. #1), Hamtramck Idea Men, 2009
“The Deer Hunter”, Negative Burn #20, Desperado Publishing, 2008
“The Garden”, Alterna Tales Anthology #4, Alterna Tales, 2008
“The Demon”, Mysterious Visions After Hours #3, Dimestore Productions, 2008  
“The Spell”, Mysterious Visions After Hours #3, Dimestore Productions, 2008  


Flash Fiction:

“The Serial Killer”, SpeckLit, 2015
“The Spell”, SpeckLit, 2015


Where Can People Find More of You?



Amazon Author Page

Publication Page





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