I sure have been gone a long time

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I was so on top of it.  Posting like a madman.  I know, you’ve all missed me very much.  See, there’s this thing that I think gets in everyone’s way called life.  It’s easy to de-prioritize some of the ‘less important’ things.  Like blogging.  One day when this is making me gratuitous amounts of money and becomes more like a job, the best job ever, then I’ll get those priorities straight.  In the meantime, I’m back, so enjoy my words!


The holidays I think are a tough time for anyone when it comes to timing things.  I’ve got two kids as many of you know.  I’ve also got four families to juggle.  My father and mother aren’t together so there are two.  My wife’s family is another.  My oldest son’s mother is the fourth.  In order to schedule everything in a neat package and get to do all the cool holiday things you want to like-



BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING (My wife’s favorite holiday)



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and most of all



takes a lot of freaking time and effort.  So I did that instead of entertain people via this blog.  Sorry, my bad.  There are some cool things coming soon though.  I’m currently reading a book called Memory of Blue Sky by Joanna Bardsley that I’ll be reviewing.  I am going to be interviewing Author Josh Brown, Author(ess) Christa Yelich-Koth, and Author(ess) Olivia Mason-Charles and exploring what makes them tick.  They are all great authors so it will be fun.  I’ll also be throwing up some promotions, which will be super cool.


So make sure you follow me and spread the word.  Let me know how things have been in the Comment’s below!