Book Submission Rules

Thank you for considering me as a reviewer for the book, graphic novel, poems, short stories and more that you have invested so much time and energy into.  In order for me to be a fair and productive member of the reviewer society I need to lay down some ground rules. Please read all of it, it shows little respect when you ask someone to devote hours into your project when you won’t invest minutes into theirs.

  1. Clause of Honesty – There is nothing worse than devoting such a vulnerable part of your life and so much time into something that you’re passionate about and having it torn apart.  I am not the critic who enjoys slandering, harming, or discouraging others.  If I feel your work is not ready to be on the market, or feel it needs refining and some revision, I will not rank it poorly.  Instead I will offer some constructive criticism about how I think it could be improved upon.  Once those improvements are made (if you think my advice was sound) I’ll give it another shot and see where it stands.
  2. Clause of Honesty (Part II) – Although I am not the reviewer that will destroy someones work, I am also not going to give it undue praise.  Don’t come to me expecting 5 stars without earning it.
  3. Clause of Honesty (Part III) – I am not a grammar Nazi.  I am under the firm belief that it is an author’s job to tell a story and an editors job to fix it.  I want to hear from the heart and I expect that whatever I’m reading to move me.  While some reviewers will nail you on a comma out of place that is not my prerogative.  If there are so many errors it’s distracting than I will have to speak up.  Do the best you can, and use an editor.  If you cannot afford one of the well known editors I highly recommending contracting out to places like and seeking help from outsourced individuals.  They are usually much more reasonable.
  4. Clause of Honesty (Part IV) – Sometimes a story and I just don’t get along.  Not a testament to the product or the writer, it may just not have been my thing.  If I know that this is the case and it just simply did not catch my interest, I’ll let you know instead of rate it.  You don’t need negative remarks or reviews just because it wasn’t something that clicked with me.  These books I usually won’t finish, sorry.
  5. Amazon is a major player in the book world, they are so influential that almost all reviews have been broken down into a 5 star system.  I will honor this system.
    1. 1 Star – The project is/was not ready to be on the market.  There are significant errors in either the story, grammar, flow, etc… I will not rate something one star, I think it’s cruel.  I will write a reply with constructive criticism that you can take however seriously you please.
      1. If you are extremely rude, I may post it.  I won’t be a jerk, so I expect you not to be either.
    2. 2 Stars – The project is close to being ready for an open market.  A couple of fixes or tweaks and it should be ready to go.  I will not post 2 star reviews either, I will follow the same protocol I do with 1 star projects.
    3. 3 Stars – This is a book that is well put together and an enjoyable read.  The author has appropriately tackled the characters, plot, setting, etc… If it is someone’s favorite genre I would recommend it.
    4. 4 Stars – This book was written with the reader in mind.  It fulfills everything 3 stars does and then some.  With finesse the author has taken their tale and elevated it to a new level.  It wasn’t just that things were appropriate, they were exceptional.  I would recommend this book to people that like the genre and similar genre’s.
    5. 5 Stars – This book is near perfect.  It has everything 4 stars does and more.  From the scene’s, settings, plot, and characters it keeps you hooked from first page to last.  This isn’t the type of book that people read because they want to, it’s the type of book that people need to read because they need to.  I would recommend this book for people that enjoy any genre.
  6. I can’t read everything that I get, so make it count.  I know that there are a ton of books out there and a ton of reviewers.  Having had to query (unsuccessfully I may add) literally hundreds of potential reviewers I understand that personalizing every single query isn’t possible.  Do the right thing though, have a template e-mail and at the very least put my name on it.  Also don’t just give me one or two sentences “Read my book damnit.”
    1. Genre
    2. Word Count
    3. Synopsis (spoiler free please)
    4. Author Name
    5. Whether or not it’s a part of a series (I like to begin with book one)
  7. I will accept
    1. Fiction
    2. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Comedy, YA, Western, Paranormal, Historical, and Literary Fiction
    3. I will also accept Graphic Novels, Comics, and Children’s Stories.
      1. The Children’s Stories will be reviewed by my 5 year old.
    4. I will NOT accept Erotica, Romance, Non-Fiction, or Women’s Lit (I have nothing against the genre, I’m just not the target audience)
  8. Please e-mail your queries to me at
    1. Physical copies will always get precedence over e-books.
    2. That being said I do accept e-books
  9. Give me some time to respond, if you don’t hear from me within a week, feel free to ask me again.  I’ll be honest with you and tell you whether or not I’m interested.  If I’m not I’ll explain why.
  10. Good luck with your writing! Don’t ever, EVER, give up.