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So now that I’m part of the Book Reviewer Yellow Pages I’ve started to get multiple requests in, which is really cool! I love reading independent author’s novels and giving fair reviews. I also really enjoy doing the author interviews via Skype as it lets an audience get to know the author better. If you…
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Another Great Review for The Apostle: Destiny

Thank you Rose Scheckler.  You can find more Reviews of The Apostle: Destiny on amazon here. I enjoyed this book. While The Apostle: Destiny was a bit darker than I usually like my fantasy novels, I realize that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve lived a bit of a sheltered…
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Handlebars – Flash Fiction


I decided to use a random word generator just to exercise the brain muscles a little.  The word that came up was ‘Handlebars’.  This is what happened.  Enjoy! Handlebars “Really?” Jeff asked himself.  He was having a hell of a day.  The type of day that begins at 3 a.m. because the morning swallow can’t…
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Did you miss these interviews? Then make better life choices.

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Josh Brown and Christa Yelich-Koth are seriously cool.  They have a successful portfolio of interesting and unique stories that are sure to capture your imagination.  When I interviewed both of them they were very down to earth and fun to chat with.  They offered great advice for aspiring creators and have put their work out…
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