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Dylan Hiler is an independent author that likes to focus his time and energy on worthwhile and meaningful fantasy.  Growing up and living in Minnesota he has learned how to endure icy conditions with a warm heart.  Married to his beautiful wife Shannon she helps him raise two sons aged 5 and 1.  His kids have helped him remember that imagination is vitally important to not only development but also for sanity and happiness.

Ever since Dylan was a whelp himself his family had treated him to events like the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Epic Fantasy Movies (Legend, Willow, Army of Darkness, Labyrinth, etc…) and has had the pleasure of reading multiple fiction novels by the likes of Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, L.E. Modesitt Jr., Tolkien and more.  From light comedies to dark horror he has indulged himself in a plethora of fiction both off screen and on.  From these influences he has been able to develop a style all his own.  His first novel “The Apostle: Destiny” was released in Spring of 2014 and has enjoyed many positive reviews and a developing buzz.  He is now working on the sequel “The Apostle: Anarchy” and on his side project “Lockland the Time Traveling Fox” an all ages graphic novel.

You can preview and purchase “The Apostle: Destiny” here and here.

If you’d like a signed copy, please Contact Dylan, and click here.

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Tragic beginnings and middles, no one knows what end may come.  What we do know is through strength of character, dynamic relationships, and developmental wisdom it’s the proper recipe for a writer, and hopefully an even better one for the reader.  You’ve heard his story, now read his mind. Enjoy!