Author Dylan Hiler Website is Complete!


Hey all, welcome to my new website!  This is where you’ll come to see information on any project that I’m currently working on, some thoughts that I may have, maybe things that I find interesting or funny.  Hell, I may even decide to discuss politics, money, and religion.  Or not.  It depends on whether or not I generate more ‘Gosh he’s awesome’ comments or ‘You’re an idiot I should write a letter to the President asking you to be extradited’.

I will take some of my favorite comments and questions and make them a permanent part of the website, with or without your permission, so fair warning!  If you’re intellectually confident and uniquely interesting you may have a permanent spot on the internet, Huzzah!  (I figured it’s INCREDIBLY important to you to have a immortal presence somewhere).

I will also do sneak previews of some of my current projects, maybe even post a few short stories, and give previews of existing work for those who haven’t had the chance to read it yet.  I encourage everyone to sign up for the blog so they are made aware of any new posts or content that may exist, and please tell you friends!  After all it’s important to be able to support your local and independent businesses, charities, and hobbyists, as a community we can thrive.

Please browse through the site, don’t forget to read my interactive bio at About the Author, or read about The Apostle: Destiny my first release, and even look at some Current Projects so you can see what’s to come.

I enjoy interacting with the public, fans, friends, and even frenemies so don’t hesitate to comment or use the Contact Dylan link either.

I look forward to our future together and would love to hear your thoughts on my work!