The Tarthurian Chronicles

The fantasy realm that Dylan tells his tales in is the world of Tarthuria, specifically the continent of.  The oceans that are apart of the realm are too dangerous to explore other lands so the people only know about Tarthuria.  Down the line Dylan may or may not have a tale or two to tell about traversing the wicked seas.

Tarthuria is a low magic fantasy world and Dylan tries to keep his stories fairly ‘Down to Earth’.  Which means he breaks the fantasy stereo-types of spell slinging wizards, elves, dwarves, and demons seeping through every page.  Don’t fret lovers of the genre, its not that these things aren’t there, they just play a more important role than Cannon Fodder.  A majority of the tales that will be weaved in the land of Tarthuria will have to do with the dogmatic differences between the polytheistic religions and the competition between governments.  Instead of taking a broad spectrum approach to these things however Dylan focuses his energy on unique characters, their interactions with the world and people around them, and how they weave through their fate.

Dylan enjoys topography and maps so readers can expect that every novel will bring a map along with it.  You can see the region that The Apostle Series takes place in here.

The Tarthurian Chronicles plans on encompassing several different characters and will be a multi-part series.  There will be no chronological order to the novels

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so they will stand on their own.  Dylan’s current plan is to release stories for at least ten different characters in the Tarthurian Chronicles.