S&M in Tarthuria

S (Setza) and M (Michael) in Tarthuria is a comic/graphic novel project in the making.  Dylan is currently searching for an artist to collaborate with.  S&M in Tarthuria stemmed from a Dungeons and Dragon’s campaign that Dylan and his two close friends Artist Jack Stone and Graphic Designer Shane Lanz spent many nights playing.  Dylan felt particularly attached to this project because of zaniness, drama, and personal history. Attempting to keep it as close to the original game as possible the series made the the three friends laugh till they cried, cry till they laughed, and experience imaginative growth.  Also because things like this really happened–

Dylan – After the errands you ran you both finally make your way toward the city’s exit gate.  The plan is to make it to Captain Meerkat’s hometown and try to get in contact with him.  Is there anything else that you’d like to do before you leave?

Jack – I’m going to hijack a covered wagon full of flaming skeletons.

Dylan – What?

Jack – Yeah, then I’m going to run over Michael with it and the bump is going to make it magically explode.

Shane – Wait, so you kill Michael?  Does that mean I’m a ghost.  If I’m a ghost I’m going to go have sex with other ghosts.

Dylan – You realize you’re both only level 3 right?  You have no way of coming back to life?

Shane – That’s fine, I come back as Lee Harvey Oswald.

Jack – And I dig a hole, and then sleep in it.

Dylan – Whatever, if I roll a 1% on the die it happens.  *rolls* 0, 1.  You have got to be kidding me…

Jack and Shane – Canon!