The Apostle: Anarchy

The Apostle: Anarchy is part two of The Apostle: Series.  Sequel to The Apostle: Destiny it will dive further into the world of Tarthuria, particularly the Red Kingdom.  Placed a few years after the events of Destiny, Dylan is excited to introduce a new side to characters people have just started to get to know.  Building upon the foundation of political and personal turmoil Anarchy plans on telling a much bigger and complex story.  This will allow the reader to take in a broader view of the conflict escalating around the Edens.  Anarchy will also have characters play a more important role and keep shaping who they are and ultimately what they become.

If you have not had the opportunity to check out The Apostle: Destiny yet you can find copies on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  If you’d like a signed copy you can Contact Dylan and purchase one here.

Dylan is currently working on Anarchy and plans on a release of TBD 2015.