Current Projects

Dylan has his hands in a couple of cookie jars and is working on a few projects currently. Click the links to find out more!

The Tarthurian Chronicles – Dylan’s fantasy series.  The Apostle: Destiny is book one in the series.  This series will follow the rise and fall of Tarthuria’s biggest players.

Lockland the Time Traveling Fox – A fun for all ages graphic novel project that Dylan collaborates with artist Brian Robinson.

The Apostle: Anarchy – The Sequel to The Apostle: Destiny it is part 2 of 3 to The Apostle Series.

Pac-Bastard – Collaborating with artist Jack Stone Pac-Bastard is a web-comic exploring the drug addicted side to Pac-Man

S&M in Tarthuria – Another graphic novel series (Dylan is looking for an artist to Collaborate with) it will be the adventures of Setza and Michael two characters that his best friend’s played during a Dungeons and Dragons adventure.  Chalk full of Comedy, Unique People, and Drama it will be a fun comic series.