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Friday Fantasy

Did the clickbait work?  Good!  You might learn something here about Dungeons and Dragons, but it’s more conceptual.  See, it’s about my experience with it, not a catch all.  I have no secrets about how to make the most powerful character that ever ever’d.  I have friends that do though.  (You Know Who You Are).


Instead I’d like to talk about my first couple of experiences at the Tabletop.  I’m not a big MMO fan


I know, I know.  Take away my Nerd/Geek/Virgin Forever card.  I love Rpg’s though.  Tabletop and Final Fantasy 7 is where I cut my teeth.


But we’re not here to talk about the greatest game ever made.  If you don’t agree with that-


Instead we’re here to talk about the greatest table top game ever made.  Again if you don’t agree-


My first game of Dungeon’s and Dragons, which will now be referred to as D&D, was a 1st edition game hosted by a sadist DM.  My best friend and I decided to both play Half-Orc Clerics.  Yeah, you heard that right.


Then we promptly got our asses handed to us by zombies.  A real spit in the eye as we were Clerics.


We were so upset by the whole ordeal that we swore off D&D for quite some time.  Admittedly we were quite young at the time and very sore losers.


When we picked it back up we were much more familiar with the rule set and weren’t playing with the Sadist DM.  We loved him, but he thought that Chaotic Evil Barbarians were the best thing in the world.


My experiences in D&D and the fun I had playing through and inventing new worlds with multiple types of characters was the passion behind The Tarthurian Chronicles.  One of the best games I ever played was the reason for S&M in Tarthuria (I’m still looking for a free artist by the way).


D&D fostered a ton of imagination and I spent countless hours rolling dice, writing, erasing, writing, erasing, and so forth.  Some of our DM’s loved combat, some of our DM’s love role playing, I enjoyed a little bit of side A and side B.  As a DM myself I was a little intense but tried to maintain a balance.


Don’t laugh, my first few games as an inexperienced DM I totally did that.  Some of my friends will never forgive me. (You Know Who You Are).


I’ll tell you more about my Fantastical Dungeon’s and Dragon’s adventures on more Friday Fantasy!  Tell me in the Comment’s below what your favorite RPG’s are video game, card, or tabletop and why I’m wrong about mine!

Have a great Friday!